Bongo is another member of Jetters and is also best friends with Gangu. He hails from Planet Dodonpa, where his family lives. He constantly changes Gangu to something to help him in missions or everyday life. Bongo also trains White Bomber by showing him how to throw bombs and helps him learn to throw new kinds of bombs. He has an easygoing type of personality and a slow manner of speaking, though he is quite intelligent, and is shown to be capable of feats of strength.



White Bomber


  • Bongo is the third prince of Planet Dodonpa, and his full name is Sarusamanbo Kongaragaccha Bosanovavitch Bongoro Dodonpa XXXIV
  • When speaking, he finishes every sentence by saying his name. This trait did not carry over to the English localization of the Bomberman Jetters console game, where he provides assistance to White Bomber over their radios.


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