Bombpire (initially localized as Count Dracu-boom) is the boss of Doom Castle in the Virtual Boy version of Panic Bomber. Upon defeating him, Bomberman wins the Gold Bomber.

In Pocket Bomberman, Bombpire (under his original name) is the Jump Game boss in the Normal Level.


  • In Panic Bomber, defeating him twice in three rounds without losing will make the player proceed to the true final boss, Ms. Flashy.
  • According to the English Pocket Bomberman manual, Bombpire is from Transylvania, and is strongly suggested to be an actual vampire.[1]
  • This character is certainly a reference to Count Dracula from Konami's Castlevania series.



  1. "Directly imported from transylvania, Bombpire is searching for fresh blood. If you want to stop his tyranny, select the Hard Level." - Pocket Bomberman Game Boy Color instruction booklet, page 19.
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