Bomberman World is a video game for the Sony PlayStation.


Millions of years ago, the evil Dark Force Bombers were defeated by different Bombermen and imprisoned inside crystals. In modern day, Bagura appears and revives the evil bombers. He transforms them and increases their powers before sending them out to conquer planets. White Bomber sees them fly by as he sits in his ship and takes off to challenge these foes.

Story Mode

The planet must collect all the crystals in each stage to open the goal. Unlike other bomberman games, you do not have to defeat all of the enemies. There are five stages in each planet and five planets total. The last two stages are always boss stages: one against a bomber and the other against a monster.


Multiplayer Modes

  • Single Match - play a normal match
  • Maniac Mode - lets you select which items and the amount that will be in play during the match

Special Mode

This mode lets the player play unique stages in a time trial. They must clear a regular stage and a boss stage all while trying to earn the highest score possible.


World 1 (Forest Planet)

World 2 (Wind Planet)

World 3 (Fire Planet)

World 4 (Ocean Planet)

World 5 (Dark Planet)

Challenge Mode


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