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This page compiles a list of all wikis affiliated with Bomberman Wiki. You can request on this page's talk page. In order to have a successful request, your wiki needs to meet some requirements:

  • The wiki should be based upon a video game.
  • The wiki should be active. Wikis that are no longer active for more than six months will be removed from the list. Exceptions can be made.
  • You should be an administrator, or someone who has authority to make the decisions themselves. Remember, get community consensus before acting, even if you are an administrator!
  • You will need to provide some sort of method to "link" back to us. If our wiki is not linked within two weeks, your wiki will be removed from the list.

If you have met the requirements, feel free to file a request! Remember to link to the wiki!


Bomberman Affiliates

Wiki Logo About
Bomberman Fanon Bomberman Fanon-logo The fanfiction wiki all about Bomberman! Create a fan character, world, etc. Read other fanfiction from other writers. It's your world; start writing!
Bomberman Universe Bomberman Universe-logo Bomberman Universe is a German Bomberman wiki filled with numerous data for you to read! Help out in the community!
Bomberman (Spanish) BomberWiki-logo The Spanish Bomberman is filled with excitement! Edit the wiki, and make it the best Spanish Bomberman resource out there!