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Admins are people who have special rights or privileges in this wiki. This page contains four user rights: bureaucrat, administrator, rollback, and chat moderator.


Each right has different functions, while some function very similarly, only with extra tools. Below are some rights that you are able to be given.

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  • A bureaucrat on this wiki has special rights that can enable them to promote a user into an administrator or a rollback.
  • An administrator (or sysop) on this wiki is able to block a user, delete an article, rollback, and has special access to most of the pages that are not accessible by regular users. They may also choose to protect (and unprotect) an article. They also have access to chat moderator rights.
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  • A rollback can easily undo the latest edits to a page in one click by clicking the [Rollback] button on an article's history. However, they can only undo the last edit made to the article. Any edits made by the same user that are rollbacked will be reverted to the last edit made by the last editor who edited before them.
  • A chat moderator is capable of kicking a user out of the chat. Administrators may promote users to a chat moderator.

Requesting User Rights

If you think you are ready to handle a big responsibility, you can request for user rights here. Remember, you are entrusted to use these rights in good faith. These rights are not a reward or a right but are your responsibility for the sake of helping the wiki. You must comply to the staff policy at all times. Any infringement of these policies will result in immediate removal of your rights, and you may be blocked from the wiki.


User Activity Rights given on Other Rights
SaucieSpecs Inactive 2016-06-05 January 18, 2019
Throast Active 2016-06-05 June 5, 2016 Bureaucrat


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Chat Moderators

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