Not to be confused with the Nintendo DS game Bomberman Story DS.

Bomberman Tournament (known as Bomberman Story in Japan) is a video game for the Game Boy Advance.


One day the planet Phantarion is visited by five meteors which are actually the five Dastardly Bombers. A

Story 1

The Dastardly Bombers return

strange fortress appears where they land and the world around it begins to freeze over. Hearing the distress call, Dr. Ein sends Max to check things out. When Max enters the tower he is confronted by the beast Plasma Rock. Max is easily defeated and becomes captured. Having lost all communication with him, Ein sends for White Bomber to find out the answers.


Magnet's Base 2


Unlike other Bomberman games this one has an RPG style. The player must navigate through large, open areas to find the next town or dungeon to proceed with the game. There are six environments that are filled with enemies and power ups.



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The game includes a number of critters called Karabons (also known as Charaboms) that form a major part of the quest mode. These critters not only give out advice and augment Bomberman's capabilities, but they also add a scavenger-hunt aspect to an otherwise-standard RPG. The player can acquire 25 karabons by capturing them (a la Pokémon)
Charaboms BT


or by artificially creating them. From time to time, NPCs will challenge the player to Karabon battles, which, much like Pokémon battles, are one-on-one, turn-based fights. Unlike Pokémon battles, however, the outcome of a match is determined before it ever begins, as the player's Karabon's prevailing stats and pre-set attack strategies determine the course of the fight.



  • A remixed version of the battle theme from Super Bomberman 3 was used in this game.


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