Bomberman RPG (ボンバーマンRPG) is a video game released on the i-Mode, Yahoo! Mobile and EZweb mobile devices, exclusively in Japan. The gameplay is not based on classic Bomberman titles, but rather on RPG games.


White Bomberman receives a letter asking for help and informing him that an evil creature absorbed all the nutrients out of Dokokano Village's ground. The villain resides in a cave close to the village, that Bomberman has to examine in order to defeat the boss and bring back the nutritious soil that the village once possessed over.


As Bomberman ventures through the dungeons of Dokokano Village, he is equipped with different types of bombs and items. The player faces a total of three different enemies, Ballom, Dall and Wamun. Ballom and Dall chase the player upon sight, while Wamun can disable any bomb it touches.

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