Bomberman Max is a game released for Game Boy Color on December 17, 1999. It is the first Bomberman game to feature two playable versions, available in two different colors. Blue: Champion lets the player control Bomberman while the Red: Challenger lets the player control Max. Differences between both versions are that there are different Charaboms to be acquired.

A special third edition called Bomberman Max: Ain Version was distributed exclusively in Japan. Outside of some instances of product placement, it is essentially the Blue version with all levels unlocked without the need for connectivity.



The Five Stars

On the far edge of the universe were five planets. The center most one named Future Star had its super computer infiltrated by an alien shadow. That alien is named Brain and he has sent his minions to the surrounding planets and turned the natural wildlife into mechanical beings. Dr. Ein notices this problem and dispatches both Bomberman and Max to deal with the situation. It should be noted that both versions share the same story.


Bomberman Max features traditional Bomberman gameplay where the player must defeat enemies and exit the stage through a portal. However one notable difference is that the stage begins with an objective that is presented by Dr. Ein. This goal can include defeating all enemies, defeating only certain types of enemies, releasing a charabom or other types of requirements.

Upon completing the objective, the word exit appears on screen to let the player know they can exit the stage. Two types of portals can be found: a red and a blue one. The stages in this game are in a non-linear fashion and allow the player to select whichever portal they wish. If a player chooses a blue goal, they will play a stage that is new and if they chose a red goal, they will be taken to a stage previously completed.

There are five planets and each one has a boss with three different stages. Each one of the boss stages pits you against the same boss but at different difficulty ranges. The boss will move much quicker in the more difficult levels.

When the player defeats the final boss they will be given one of two endings depending on the percent of stages completed. If the player has completed less than 80%, they will receive the bad ending and only see a single screen with the character and the word end. If the player completes at least 80% they will be given the good ending. It should be noted that by completing all the regular stages in the game gives you 80% completion. The remaining stages can be unlocked by linking up a Game Boy Color with a friend who has the opposite version.

The player can see their completion percent after they have a Game Over.


Stage 1: Zaurus Star

Stage 2: Secret Star

Stage 3: Battle Star

Stage 4: City Star

Stage 5: Future Star


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The Top Row shows Bomberman's Charaboms and the Bottom Row shows Max's.

Charaboms are small animals that resemble Pokémon. They can be collected in certain levels in the game along with power ups to increase their attributes. In multiplayer mode they can be pitted against one another by linking Game Boy Colors. The games can also be linked to fuse charaboms and collect some of the rarer creatures.