Not to be confused with Bomberman Land or Bomberman Land (Wii).

Bomberman Land Portable (ボンバーマンランドポータブル), known as simply Bomberman Land outside Japan, is a video game that is part of the Bomberman Land series. Unlike most games in the Bomberman series, it focuses on mini-games rather than the traditional gameplay. Approximately 60,000 units were sold in North America.


Story Mode

This mode focuses on Cheerful White, his companion Mini Bomber and his friends as they progress through the theme park.

After a sudden plane crash, White and his friends Cool Black, Cute Pink, Giant Gold, Bookworm Green and Kid Blue meet the Director and Mini Bomber who reveal to them that everyone in the theme park has been brainwashed by Dark Bomber and his following. The player must complete mini-games and defeat Dark Witch, Dark Doll, Dark Piece, Dark Rose, and eventually Dark Bomber in order to advance to new areas and restore peace at the park.


A classic multiplayer mode is available as well where the player must defeat their opponents with bombs while navigating through a grid-like maze. It supports up to four players with just one UMD disc, although each player requires their own system. Some of the mini-games can also be played as multiplayer games.

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