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Bomberman Land (ボンバーマンランド) is a video game for the PlayStation. This game is the first in the series to feature various minigames instead of just the usual grid-like gameplay. It was released only in Japan. It is the first entry in the Bomberman Land series.


At first there only 2 options in the main menu, the Bomberman Land and Continue, but as you progress through the Bomberman Land mode, more will be available to you.

Bomberman Land ボンバーマンランド

In classic Bomberman Land fashion, the player has to playthrough a collection of minigames, solving the puzzles, examine specific spots, fetch a Diamond in the basement of Bomber House, and help other peoples out in order to gain a Zone Pieces to progress through the different zones of the theme park and finally battle against the antagonists Dark Bomber, Dark Witch, Dark Piece, Dark Doll and Dark Rose.

Bomberman ボンバーマン

This option consists of four sub-game modes:

Standard スタンダード

The simple game mode for 1 player, this mode is identical to the original Bomberman game, except these following changes:

  • Each stages have a time limit of 3 minutes, if time ran out, a bunch of Pontans will spawned.
  • Everything is worth 10 points (including Soft Blocks and Items), points multiplier still applies when you defeat multiple enemies in one chain.
  • Items from newer games (such as Power Glove), can be obtained.

Normal Battle ノーマルバトル

Info not added yet, but coming soon.

Special スペシャル

This mode has RPG elements in it, such as defeating enemies give you EXP, and when you accumulated enough EXP, Bomberman will level up, and his basic abilities (Fire and Bomb) will increase. Bomberman also has a limited number of Bombs in his stock, which will slowly refill when Bomberman is moving. You can also gain Bombs by collecting a Bomb Panel with number written on them.


Info not added yet, but coming soon.

Continue つづきから

Load a save file from the memory card, so that you can continue in the game mode that you're left off.

High Score ハイスコア

Check a high score of a mini-games you played in Bomberman Land mode. You can even play it straight from here if you collect all mini-games in the main game.


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