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Bomberman Jetters: Game Collection (ボンバーマンジェッターズゲームコレクション) is a video game released on the Game Boy Advance. It is based on the anime Bomberman Jetters and was exclusively released in Japan.



  • D-Pad: Launch the ball to right ramp/Left Flipper.
  • A button: Launch the ball to left ramp/Right Flipper.
  • B button: Tilt the table upward.
  • L and R shoulders: Tilt the table in respective directions.
  • Start button: Pause the game.

Battle Game[]

  • D-Pad: Move your character.
  • A button: Set a Bomb/Power Glove/Line Bomb.
  • B button: Use the character's special move.
  • L and R shoulders: Stop Kicked Bombs/Speed-up, slow-down CPU match.
  • Start button: Pause the game.
  • Select button: Toggle in-game HUD.

Game Modes[]

The game splits into 3 major game modes; Pinball, Battle Game and Pocket Game.

Pinball (ピンボール)[]

The pinball game is a common pinball game with a Bomberman theme. Shout and Bongo pictures appear at first, and if some of them are touched, a door will open to an arena. During the boss battle, another character will appear that must be hit for critical damage.

Battle Game (バトルゲーム)[]

Battle Mode is still the series' traditional multiplayer mode. First, you must choose whether you want to play alone (ひとりであそぶ), with a friend through multi cartridge (マルチカートリッジ), or through a single cartridge (ワンカートリッジ). Then, you'll be on the lobby screen, when there's at least 2 players in, the host can press the A button to go on to the next step (skip this step if you play alone, skip the next two steps if you're in a single cartridge mode). Then, you can choose to fill in the empty spots with the COM, and set their level individually, between 4 levels: Weak (よわい), Normal (ふつう), Strong (つよい), and Greatest (さいきょう). Then, you can choose your character. The player can choose any member of the Jetters, as well as boss or enemy characters, and you can even choose the same character if you wish. Then, if there's 3 players or more, you can setup a team. Then, change what's on any the rules settings:

  • Matches (しょうぶすう): A number of wins required to win the match [1/2/☆3/4/5].
  • Time (タイム): How long each round will last [1:00/2:00/☆3:00/4:00/5:00/].
  • Shuffle (シャッフル): Whether or not each player's position is swapped [☆Off (オフ)/On (オン)].
  • Sudden Death (サドンデス): Whether or not the Pressure Blocks will fill the entire stage during the 1 minute mark (40 seconds if the time setting is 1:00), or a Hige Hige Bandit wearing a pot will pursue and kill players on contact [☆Off (オフ)/On (オン)/Random (ランダム)/Hige Hige (ヒゲヒゲ)].
  • Skull (ドクロ): Whether or not the Skull item is immune to bomb blasts [☆Burn (もえる)/No Burn (もえない)].
  • Misobom Get (みそボンゲット): Whether or not the winner of each match gets to play a bonus game [☆Off (オフ)/On (オン)].
  • Misobom (みそボン): Whether or not the defeated players get to throw bombs at the remaining players [☆Off (オフ)/On (オン)/Super (スーパー)].

Then, the last step is the stage select. While on this screen, press the L shoulder button takes you to the Item Setting (アイテムせってい) screen, where you can distribute up to 24 points on any items you want (Max. 9 each), while the R shoulder button takes you to the Handicap Setting (ハンデせってい), where you can set up to 5 items for each player.

See: List of Items.

Pocket Game (ポケットゲーム)[]

Pocket Game is a mode where you can play one of sixteen minigames with Bomberman Jetters characters, most of them is directly from Bomberman Land (such as Daruma Drop and Bomb Factory). Each games also offer a variant and hi-score to beat.

Gallery (ギャラリー)[]

A collection of Bomberman Jetters artworks. There are a total of 60 of them, the unlock conditions is listed on each illustrations in the menu.


There are a total of 10 characters available in the Battle Game, each comes with a special move that you can activate with the B button.

Playable characters[]

Icon Name Ability
BJGameCollection character1
Shiro Bon
Dangerous Bomb (デンジャラスボム)
Deploys a Dangerous Bomb with a blast radius that is varying based on his current firepower.
BJGameCollection character2
Boomerang (ブーメラン)
Throws her boomerang 5 tiles ahead. Stuns other players and detonates Bombs on contact.
BJGameCollection character3
Bird Change (バードチェンジ)
Flaps his wings and creates a whirlwind. Any Bomb that got hit with it will be blown 3 tiles away in a random direction.
BJGameCollection character4
Block Punch (ブロックパンチ)
Pushes away Soft Blocks. It will slide until it hits an obstacle (similar to Gyarooi).
BJGameCollection character5
Jump (ジャンプ)
Jumps up in the air. If you use this while holding down the D-Pad, you can leap over 1 block (similar to Hanerooi).
BJGameCollection character6
Player Lift (プレイヤー持ち上げ)
When he is on the same tile as another player, holding down the B button will make Mujoe pick them up (similar to Super Bomberman 4's Power Glove). Releasing the B button will throw them 5 tiles ahead.
BJGameCollection character7
Dr. Mechado
Radio Bomb (ラジコンボム)
Holding down the B button will make him deploy an RC Bomb. While holding the B button, use the D-Pad to move the RC Bomb around (he cannot move while he controls the RC Bomb). Release the B button to place the RC Bomb down (the RC Bomb's fuse won't start until you release the B button).
BJGameCollection character8
Kick (キック)
When facing a Bomb, press the B button to kick it 2 tiles ahead.
BJGameCollection character9
Power Bomb (パワーボム)
Deploys a Power Bomb that has maximum firepower.
BJGameCollection character10
Plasma Bomb (プラズマボム)
Deploys a Plasma Bomb that pierces through Soft Blocks and Item Panels.

Minor characters[]

  • Rui (Right side of the Pinball table, 4 in Pinball interlude picture, 2 in the main Gallery)
  • Dr. Ein
  • Momo (3 in Pinball interlude picture, 1 in the main Gallery)
  • Misty (1 in Pinball interlude picture)
  • Mama



Pinball Interlude[]

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