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Bomberman GB 3 is a game for Game Boy that was only released in Japan. It is the last game in the Bomberman GB trilogy and features the appearance of a few new characters like Cutie Bomber.


The 11th planet of Bomber Nebula, named Owen, faces a sudden earthquake. Deep within its underground, the terrible Evil Bomber had been trapped for ages. He finally rises to power and steals the Bomber Capsules from Bomberman. Bomberman and his friends then vow to take back the Capsules and defeat Evil Bomber...


Bomberman GB 3 Characters

Character profiles from the JP Website (loosely translated)

The game features traditional Bomberman gameplay where the player must use bombs to defeat enemies on a grid-like map. At the beginning of each stage, a different object is displayed that must be completed to clear it. There are five stages and a boss stage in every level. Every fifth level involves collecting crystals on the map, and depending of the number of collected, will make specific items appear, it includes 1-Up, but also special items such as up to two Bell items appearing near the exit. These two bell items will offer the player help and advantage at the start of the boss fight. The first one will make a Bomber Ball appear and drop basic power-up items, while the second one will deal one HP damage to the boss.

The player can select which stage they want to play, but must clear all three stages to advance to the next series. After doing this twice, they can access the final area, called Evil, where Evil Bomber awaits.


Motorcycles from Bomberman GB 3

Motorcycles (loosely translated)

After defeating a boss, they leave behind Bomber Capsules that can be used in Cutie's shop. The player is then taken to the shop screen, where they can purchase abilities. There are eight abilities, and four of them are motorcycles. After purchasing one, the player can select them before each level, each offering additional HP and (except for the first one) other abilities. The game has exactly enough Bomber Capsules to purchase everything in the shop.

The shop has the following items:

  • Bomb Kick: Costs 1 Capsule. Allows the Bomberman to kick bombs by moving into it, and the player may stop a kicked bomb by pressing B.
  • Dash: Costs 1 Capsule. Allows the Bomberman to move faster while holding B.
  • Bomb Line: Costs 1 Capsule. Allows the Bomberman to lay down all available bombs in a line in front of him.
  • Full Power: Costs 7 Capsule. Sets the number of bombs and bomb firepower to 6.
  • Bomber Moto-1: Costs 1 Capsule, and has a durability of 1.
  • Bomber Moto-2: Costs 2 Capsule, has a durability of 1, and grants the ability to traverse over 1 Hard Block.
  • Bomber Moto-3: Costs 2 Capsule, has a durability of 1, and allows the player to destroy Soft Blocks while holding B.
  • Bomber Moto-4: Costs 3 Capsule, has a durability of 2, and allows the player to move faster by pressing B. This exceeds the speed boost from the Dash ability.

Motorcycles which are destroyed during a stage are sent to repairs and cannot be used for the remainder of the stage, although will be made available again after clearing the stage.

The previous two Bomberman GB titles featured a motorcycle as a reward, but only featured one. They did not have this much variety.


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