Bomberman Chains is a puzzle game released for iOS mobile devices in 2011 in Japan. Tone, style as well as genre is significantly different from other games in the Bomberman series.


The player has a set time limit to destroy as many of the monsters as possible or meet a certain objective. The monsters can be swiped either up or down or to either side in order to create a chain of three of the same monster in a row. Once done so, the chain will disappear and the rest of the monsters will drop down and new ones will be created on top. While the first chain is disappearing, the player can continue to swipe and erase multiple chains of monsters at a time to earn various bonuses. These bonuses can include an increase in time or an increase in fire power or having Bomberman drop a bomb in one of the top row slots. The bomb can be tapped and will detonate in a plus shaped explosion with its size depending on fire power.

There are three modes available. The first two are 30 second game and 60 second game respectively. The player tries to create the largest score possible during this time. The third mode is story mode where 50 stages, each with a different objective.


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