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The Bomberman Brothers (stylized as Bomberman Bros., also known as 8 Bomberman Rangers or Super Bomberman Rangers) refer to the main group of Bomberman siblings. They appear as the primary roster in games with more than two cooperative playable characters.


Below is the list of bombers in order of in-game selectability.

Bomberman World (Arcade)[]

Super Bomberman R[]



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Title Description Composer Game
The theme is used on Rocky Mountains and Forest. Atsushi Chikuma Bomberman (TurboGrafx-16)
Robot Amusement Park
The theme is used on Robot Amusement Park. Super Bomberman
The theme is used on Firestorm. Jun Chikuma Super Bomberman 3
The theme is used on Present. Jun Chikuma Super Bomberman 4
Yasuhiko Fukuda
Zone 3
The theme is used on Zone 3. Jun Chikuma Super Bomberman 5
Yasuhiko Fukuda


  • Technically, the first appearance of the Bomberman Brothers as a team of heroes could be considered the original Bomberman Arcade, as the playable characters in four player versions are the same as its sequel. However, Bomberman World was the first time that the group was identified by name as the Bomberman Brothers.
  • In Bomberman: Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen, a "ranger" theme is prevalent in the team. In this form, the team members consist of Red Bomber, Blue Bomber, Yellow Bomber, Green Bomber, and Pink Bomber.
  • According to the official Super Bomberman R website, their ages from oldest to youngest are as follows: White, Black, Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, Aqua, and Green. It's unclear where Pretty precisely fits in, but she's mentioned in-game as being their eldest sister. She teasingly refers to Black as "Onii-san" (Big Brother) in Japanese dialog, likely putting her between him and Pink, making Pretty the eldest sister.
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