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Bomberman Blitz, or Itsudemo Bomberman (いつでもボンバーマン) in Japan, is a digitally-released game for the Nintendo DSi system. It is essentially the battle mode of Bomberman 2, distributed as DSiWare.


The game focuses mainly on the multiplayer aspect of the Bomberman series, supporting up to eight players in local wireless mode and up to four players in online mode. There are 10 stages to choose from and thanks to the dual screen capabilities, the player can use bombs to interact with the other screen during battles.

The game also features "Bomberman For Beginners", previously introduced in Bomberman 2. It uses tutorial-like levels to teach a newcomer the basics of Bomberman gameplay and gradually moves on to advanced techniques.

Bomberman Blitz features the Bomberman Battle Pack 2, making it compatible for multiplayer battles with Bomberman Land Touch! 2, Bomberman 2, Bomberman Story DS.

With the discontinuation of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection services, the game can't be played online anymore except through unofficial tunneling programs.


Aside from unreleased games and apps for mobile devices, this was the very last Bomberman game developed internally at Hudson Soft before the company was absorbed into Konami.


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