The Bomberman Battle Pack is a system used in almost all Bomberman games released for the Nintendo DS. Its purpose is to standardize the Battle Modes of different Bomberman games to allow cross-compatibility between them in wireless multiplayer. It was also used over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, until the service was discontinued.

The cross-compatibility function only served a real purpose in online play, since all games featuring the Battle Pack support single-card multiplayer via Download Play for 2-8 players in local wireless mode. This means that they can be played with any nearby DS owner, regardless of whether they have a Bomberman game of their own, and there is no cut content or reduced features when playing a Battle Pack in single-card mode.

There were two versions of the Battle Pack developed. These versions are not compatible with each other. Bomberman (DS) is the only Nintendo DS Bomberman game to not include any version of the Battle Pack. However, it does feature single-card Download Play support, rendering this distinction somewhat moot in local multiplayer.

Games that included the Battle Pack were branded with a special logo on the box art to denote its presence and the version of the Pack used. This logo was not consistently used in non-Japanese regions, and some of the Battle Pack games were not released in North America.

Games using Bomberman Battle Pack 1

Games using Bomberman Battle Pack 2

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