Bomberman B-Daman is a video game developed by AI and published by Hudson Soft for the Super Famicom that was released in 1996 only in Japan. It is part of the Bomberman B-Daman series.


This game features puzzles that must be solved by shooting marbles. Bomberman can hold a marble in his stomach and can only fire one shot during the round. The player must angle it and time it correctly to detonate all of the bombs on screen. There are 10 levels and each have 10 stages. Before each round, a preview will display the stage to show the player what to expect. If the player fails a stage twice then they will advance to the next stage. There are also modes to let the player edit the colors of the Bomber characters and even create their own stage...


  • New Game: In this mode you can create a New file, and Start playing.
  • Continue: In this mode you can continue with your saved file.
  • Duel: In this multiplayer mode you play with a friend (Both players must be human), the 2 players must take turns to play.
  • Battle: In this multiplayer mode, 4 Players play simultaneously, The goal is hitting your friends to steal points from them, There is a timer in the center, and when it reaches "0" the one who hit more players wins, This mode allows CPU players, also, all the 4 Players can be CPU.
  • My B-Daman: In this mode you can see a Picture with 6 Bomberman, If you want to edit one, Select him, first you must color him with any of the 14 Colors: White, Gray, Blue, Lemon Green, Gold, Pink, Red, Black, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, Cyan and Yellow, Then you must color his legs and arms with any of these colors, Finally you must add him an expression in his face, They are: Default, Neutral, Sad, Happy, Dizzy or U.U, After that, your bomberman becomes a playable character. You can't edit White Bomber.
  • Edit: You can edit levels.
  • Ranking: You can see the ranking.
  • Option: You can change the options.


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