Bomberman was a game scheduled for the Nintendo 3DS that was cancelled due to the dissolution of Hudson Soft by its parent company Konami. It was announced in February 2011, and was only officially acknowledged one last time at E3 2011. Little is known about this game, aside from the information suggested by a small handful of screenshots and previews, as well as a five-second video teaser. Despite this, it is certain that there would have been both a single player adventure and a multiplayer mode.

The story involved Bomberman having to save Central City from a robotics corporation, while possibly being converted into a robot himself. Though the single known piece of official art from the game could also represent an evil Bomberman doppelganger made by the corporation.

The single-player mode appears to have had significant similarities to the Bomberman 64 series. It would also have made the game one of the few where Bomberman has a health bar (as opposed to a stock of health counters). Screenshots show HUD elements that likely represent a Legend of Zelda-type control setup for equipping different bomb types to the A and B buttons.

The Battle Mode seems to have been a fairly traditional affair, with overhauled graphics and new environmental hazards. Life bars appear to have been present here as well. The mode may have been intended as a third version of the Bomberman Battle Pack, which could have been cross-compatible with other 3DS Bomberman games, had any more been made.

During E3 2011, Konami claimed that the game would see release, though this failed to happen. It was the final Bomberman game in development at Hudson Soft before the company's closure, and the last one announced before the series was revived by Konami in 2017 with Super Bomberman R.


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