Bomberman Wiki

These are the available Items in Bomberman 2 (DS). Names ripped from manual.

Icon Item Name Effects
Spec Packs
CBB Item1
Speed Pack Increase Bomberman speed (Max. 9).
CBB Item2
Bomb Pack Increase the number of Bombs you can set simultaneously (Max. 9).
CBB Item3
Fire Pack Increase the length of Bombs flame (Max. 9).
CBB Item4
Attack Pack Increase the damage enemies takes from your Bombs (Max. 9).
CBB Item5
Guard Pack Decrease the damage that Bomberman would takes (Max. 9).
CBB Item6
Hack Pack Increase the efficiency of Life Packs, Time Packs, certain skill, and less Poison time (Max. 9).
Other Packs
CBB Item8
Star Pack Used in certain mission, collect a certain number of them to unlock the gate.
CBB Item9
Time Pack Increase the stage timer. The higher your Hack Spec is, the more time you get.
CBB Item12
Life Pack Increase Bomberman health. The higher your Hack Spec is, the more health you get.
CBB Item13
Poison Pack Inflict Bomberman with a bad effect. The higher your Hack Spec is, the less time it take for Poison to expired.
CBB Item7
Score Commonly found in Soft Blocks. Add 500 points to your score, it also filled your SP Meter.
CBB Item10
CBB Item11
Key Card Appear in most of the mission. found in either Soft Blocks or Enemies. Collect them to unlock respective color Gate.
CBB Item14
CBB Item15
CBB Item16
CBB Item17
Parts Each of the normal stage have at least 1 Part hidden inside the Soft Block (up to 3 parts in one stage). Collect them and completed the stage to obtain that Parts.

(replaced by a Score Panel if you already obtained it).