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Not to be confused with Bomberman II.

Bomberman 2, also known as Custom Battler Bomberman (カスタムバトラー ボンバーマン) in Japan, is a Nintendo DS release. It is available only in Japan and Europe. It's not to be confused with the 1991 game Bomberman II.


A highly technological city known as Grid City is suddenly overrun with hackers. While the soldiers run amok all of the city's zones are hacked. The infection rate increases all the way to 99.9% before a hero can interrupt it. Bomberman logs himself into the system to fight off the virus.

Mission Game (ミッションゲ一ム)[]

This option split into 5 sub-options:

Mission (ミッション)[]

In each stage the player must complete several mission objectives until Bomberman reached the Warp Pad and logging out to clear the stage. The mission can vary from defeating all the enemies (or certain enemies), destroying Energy Cores, destroy certain number of Soft Blocks, or finding Gate Key inside Soft Blocks. In the Soft Blocks you may find Spec Packs, which will temporarily "overload" Bomberman Specs and make him stronger until the stage end.

Unlike most Bomberman games, the player has a life bar instead of a single hit point. There are seven zones, each with 10 stages (for a total of 70 stages), the 5th stage will have a mini-boss, and the 10th stage is always a boss stage.

Zones List[]

Practice (プラクティス)[]

Bomberman will be logged into a 13x9 practice stage, so that you can practice the movement, laying bombs, and testing out special skill. You can even deploy a Practice Robot with Select button. Bomberman will take no damage in this mode.

Versus (ヴア一サス)[]

A multiplayer game mode for up to 4 players (Wi-Fi required). The room host get to choose a stage (there's 30 stages, most of which can be unlock by progress through the Mission, earned the A rank or better in each Zones, and achived certain feats) and set these following rules:

  • Sets: number of wins required to win the game (1 to 5).
  • Play Time: how many minutes each round will lasted (1 min to 5 min).
  • Poison: if this setting is on, some Soft Blocks will contain a flask of Poison (Yes/No).
  • Max EP: limit the number of EP each players can use in multiple of 10 (20 to 60).

1P is White Bomber, 2P is Blue Bomber, 3P is Red Bomber, and 4P is Green Bomber. At the 30 seconds mark, Pressure Blocks will start filling in the stage.

Play Data (プレイデータ)[]

Look at your personal records on Best Score and Best Time from each stage you completed. You can also check out Parts List for the Parts that you collected so far (you must obtain the first Part in order to unlock this option). And finally, Extras, which appear when you complete the game at least once.

Rumble (シンドウ)[]

Toggle in-game rumble feature.

Battle Game (バトルゲ一ム)[]

Bomberman 2 features the Bomberman Battle Pack 2, making it compatible for multiplayer battles with Bomberman Land Touch! 2 and Bomberman Blitz. This version also has "Bomberman For Beginners".




  • The game has 4 special armors. These armors are unlocked taking S Rank in all levels (score and time).
  • Each Zones have 3 music variations, 2 of them used in Mission mode, and one used in Versus mode.


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