Bomberman 2, also known as Custom Battler Bomberman (カスタムバトラー ボンバーマン) in Japan, is a Nintendo DS release. It is available only for Japan and Europe. It is not to be confused with the 1991 game Bomberman II.


A highly technological city known as Grid City is suddenly overrun with hackers. While the soldiers run amok all of the city's zones are hacked. The infection rate increases all the way to 99.9% before a hero can interrupt it. White Bomber logs himself into the system to fight off the virus...


The player must complete several mission objectives in each stage to clear the level. They can vary from defeating all the enemies to destroying certain switches. Along the way they can find parts inside soft blocks to equip to Bomberman. They each have different effects and will boost stats in different ways. There are also power ups in each stage that will temporarily boost stats...

Unlike most Bomberman games, the player has a life bar instead of a single hit point. There are six areas, each with 10 stages and the last stage is always a boss stage. There is also a tutorial mode to teach new players how to play.


The game has 4 special armor, these armors are unlocked taking S Rank in all levels (score and time)