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Bomberman is a free multiplayer game for iOS and Android available in the Google Play Store, developed and published by Konami, exclusively in Japan. The game features a single or multiplayer battle mode, as seen in many other entires in the Bomberman series.


The game features Single Battle (against CPU opponents), Battle with Everyone (competitive multiplayer up to 4 players over WiFi or Bluetooth) and Bomber Coliseum (plays like a time attack trial, where players face off against CPUs and unlock "boss characters" by defeating them) modes.

The game lets you unlock characters, stages and special pumps when the player overcome some challenges. Despite of the many things that you can unlock, some must be purchased with a credit card.


The gameplay is nothing different to usual Bomberman games, as it retains the traditional style, however many criticized that the controls were pretty uncomfortable, and that it becomes very frustrating over time.


Ever since the game was suppressed and removed from the Japanese Google Play Store, the game is no longer playable.

The latest version of Bomberman was available on April 11, 2014.