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List of Power-Ups/Items in Bomberman DS.

All of the items English names are ripped from the voice clips in the game. The Japanese names are ripped from the manual.

Small Large Item Name Effects
DS Item1
DS Item1Large
Fire Up
Increase your bombs blast range by 1 tile (Max. 8).
DS Item2
DS Item2Large
Full Fire
Instantly maximize your bombs blast range.
DS Item3
Fire Down
Decrease your blast range by 1 tile (Min. 1).
DS Item4
DS Item4Large
Speed Up
Increase Bomberman's speed (Max. 8).
DS Item5
Speed Down
Decrease Bomberman's speed (Min. 1).
DS Item6
DS Item6Large
Bomb Up
Increase the number of bombs you can lay at once (Max. 8).
DS Item7
Bomb Down
Decrease the number of bombs you can place at once (Min. 1).
DS Item8
DS Item8Large
Remote Control
With this item, you can now manually detonate the Remote Bombs by pressing the B button.
DS Item9
DS Item9Large
Hyper Bomb
All of your bombs will become Pierce Bombs that have a blue flame that goes through Soft Blocks.
DS Item10
DS Item10Large
Power Bomb
The first bomb you place will become a Power Bomb that have maximum firepower.
DS Item11
DS Item11Large
Land Mine
The first bomb you lay is a hidden land mine and will start countdown on contact with Bombermen, enemies, and bomb blasts. Cannot be picked up.
DS Item12
Rubber Bomb
Bounces around when kicked, punched, or thrown. If 2 kicked Rubber Bombs collide with each other, they will create a 5x5 Dangerous Bomb (with an orange skull instead of a white skull).
DS Item13
DS Item13Large
Dangerous Bomb
Turns your first bomb into a Dangerous Bomb that will explode in a squared circular pattern that will depend on your current firepower (1 to 3: 3x3. 4 to 7: 5x5, minus the 4 corners. 8: 5x5).
DS Item14
DS Item14Large
Bomb Kick
Run to the bomb to kick it. While in motion, press the X or L button to stop the kicked bomb.
DS Item15
DS Item15Large
Power Glove
While the bomb is at your feet, hold the A button to lift it up and move around with it. Release the button to throw it 2 tiles away.
DS Item16
DS Item16Large
Bomb Punch
Press the Y button to punch the bomb 3 tiles away. Cannot co-exist with Line Bomb or Shield.
DS Item17
DS Item17Large
Line Bomb
Press the Y button to lay as many bombs as possible in a straight line. Cannot co-exist with Bomb Punch or Shield.
DS Item18
DS Item18Large
Hold the Y button will make Bomberman draw out his shield that stop the flame in the direction he's facing. Bomberman cannot move or change direction while holding the shield (but he can still lay bombs). Cannot co-exist with Bomb Punch or Line Bomb.
DS Item19
Gives Bomberman a random negative effect that lasts for a certain amount of time. Can be transferred to other players if you touch other players while you have the Skull item.
  • Decreases Bomberman's speed to below minimum. (Slow Pace Disease)
  • Rapidly lay down bombs. (Diarrhea)
  • Bomberman is constantly stunned. (Hiccups)
  • Bomberman is unable to lay down bombs. (Constipation)
  • Bomberman switches places with different random players. (Change)
  • Bomberman's bombs have minimum blast radius. (Low Power Disease)
  • Increases Bomberman's speed to above maximum. (Rapid Pace Disease)
DS Item20
Question Mark
Gives Bomberman a random item (available only in Battle Game).
List of Single Player exclusive items
DS Item21
DS Item21Large
Bomberman can walk through Soft Blocks for 60 seconds, and will die if he is standing inside a soft block when the power-up expires.
DS Item22
DS Item22Large
Bomberman can pass through the bombs for 60 seconds. This item will override Bomb Kick until it expire.
DS Item23
DS Item23Large
Unaffected by any attacks (both bomb flames and enemies) for 30 seconds.
DS Item24
DS Item24Large
Fire Suit
Protects Bomberman from bomb blasts for 30 seconds.
DS Item25
DS Item25Large
Adds 1 minute to the stage's timer (Max. 99:59).
DS Item26
DS Item26Large
Reveals all of the hidden Power-ups and Exit in the Soft Blocks. Can only be used once per stage (unless Bomberman loses a life).
DS Item27
DS Item27Large
Gives Bomberman an extra hit. You can only activate 1 Heart at a time.
DS Item28
1-Up Awards player with an extra life (Max. 9).
Miscellaneous Items
DS Misc1
Crown Only appeared in Crown Battle, Full-Power Crown, and Merry-Go Crown stage. The first player to grab it wins the round.
DS Misc2
Star Point Unused. (Note: would have been probably used for a Star Battle Mode, which was only introduced in later DS games)
DS Misc3
Microphone Unused