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Bomberman is a game in the Bomberman series released in 2005 for the Nintendo DS.

Single Player

This game is very similar to the original Bomberman. The player must navigate mazes and defeat enemies before finding the exit. In this game, there is more than one item in each level and they are stockpiled in the inventory on the second screen. By tapping the item with the stylus, the player can activate the item at any time they wish. They can choose to use the items immediately or be more conservative with them.

There are 10 worlds each with 10 stages. The last stage is always a boss and there is a bonus stage after the fifth stage. In the bonus level, the player is invincible and must defeat all the enemies on one of the screens. They can then move to the other screen to collect as many items as they can with the remaining time.


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This game can wirelessly connect to other Nintedo DS systems to play multiplayer. You can either play multi-card play or single card play. There is no difference in gameplay depending on single card or multi card play. With wireless connection you can play with up to 8 players at once. When killed in multiplayer, you are sent to the bottom screen to fire missiles at the other players still alive.


  • This is the first Bomberman to be published by Ubisoft in the west.

Bomberman's "Super Deformed" look

Around the time of this game's release, Bomberman had changed his look since the earlier GameCube games, Generation and Jetters. He has had this look in quite a few games now, and fans call it his "Super Deformed" look. This look is present in Bomberman Kart, Bomberman Hardball, and some of the earlier Bomberman Land games. Many fans disliked this look, and hence this was the last Bomberman game to feature it, returning to his original, more popular look for Bomberman Land Touch!.