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Bomberman, alternatively Dynablaster or Atomic Punk, is one of two arcade games developed by Irem. It features a single and multiplayer mode. A sequel was created a year later called Bomberman World for the arcade.


As taken from the game:

Vs Game mode

"In the year 2091, robot contests have gained popularity. Only the strongest robot can survive."

Normal mode

"In the year 2091, robot contests have gained popularity. Bomberman and King Bomber have become the best robot team in the world. One day, King Bomber turns and suddenly attacks mankind. Bomberman and his brother Bomberman 2 must confront King Bomber and defend the people."

Single Player

The player must defeat all the enemies on screen to advance to the next level. Unlike most Bomberman titles, the exit does not need to be found to advance. Power-ups reset to their default abilities on each stage with items being readily available at the start of each boss fight. There are six stages in each world and six worlds total. This mode can support up to 4 players in co-op.


Regional differences

The game goes by different name in each region it was released in:

  • Japan - Bomberman
  • Europe - Dynablaster (can be toggled back to Bomberman via DIP Switch)
  • USA - Atomic Punk

The Japanese version only supports, with Vs Game mode allowing one player against three computers or two players against two computers. The other releases allow up to four players; however, only Normal mode is accessible. Several of the stages and designs were rearranged as well. The cocktail version also resets a stage every time the player loses a life if alone, whereas other versions only reset the stage if time runs out.

The sequel, Bomberman World, retains these features for all regions.


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