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Bomberman '93 was released for the PC Engine in 1992 (hence the '93). Its multiplayer can play up to five people at once. This game was also released for the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console, costing 500 Nintendo Points. It was also included in the list of games available for the PC Engine Mini in March 19, 2020.


Black Bomberman steals seven vital chips from the pan-galactic bureau's mother computer, shutting it down. The pan-galactic federal police sends an emergency order to its NO.1 super detective, Bomber Cop (better known as White Bomberman), to give chase and retrieve them. With White Bomberman catching up, Black Bomberman throws most of the chips to his accomplices, each fleeing separately to the six planets of the Magellan solar system. Afterwards, Black Bomberman struck White Bombermans's ship with a big bomb to get him off his tail. With little options and little leads, White Bomberman must explore the six planets, find the stolen chips, and then find Black Bomberman's hideout.


The goal of every stage is to defeat all the enemies, and then find the Exit which is hidden beneath a random soft block. Bomberman begins with only one bomb and a one-tile blast radius.

Each stage contains one power-up item (sometimes two) and a set number of enemies. If the item has not yet been found once all enemies have been destroyed, the Soft Block containing it will flash. The block hiding the Exit, or hiding the second item has no such luxury, however. If you bomb an Exit, 3 enemies will spawn from it. Bombing an item will spawn 4 enemies, and destroy the item in the process.

The player given 4 minutes to complete each stage. If the timer reaches 0:00, all enemies on the stage will be removed and replaced with 12 Pontans, including Big Pontans. In boss stages you are granted 9 minutes, but running out of time will make Bomberman lose a life, restarting the battle.

There are 7 worlds with 8 stages in each, making for 56 levels; the eighth stage of each round is dedicated to a boss battle, a fight against a foe with advanced tactics and multiple hit-points.


Battle Mode[]


  • This is also the last game on the Bomberman series to have the Bombers overweight on the cover art followed by Bomberman '94.
  • When the bosses are defeated, Bomberman has a comedic scene with them. The scenes are completely differents depending on the regions.


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