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Bomberman may refer to one of the following:

  • Bomber Man - The very first Bomberman game for home computer formats, released in 1983.
  • Bomberman (NES) - A 1985 Bomberman game which expands on the above title's concepts. It is widely considered the first "true" game.
    • Bomber Boy - A Game Boy title which contains both its own game and a port of the 1985 game. It introduced multiplayer. Released in Europe as Dynablaster and in North America as Atomic Punk.
    • Bomberman Party Edition - An enhanced port of the NES game for Sony PlayStation which features expansive multiplayer that pays homage to other games in the series.
  • Bomberman (TG-16) - Often mistaken as the first game, it is actually a separate entry released in 1990 for PC Engine (Turbografx-16 in North America). Ported to MS-DOS, Amiga, and Atari ST as Dyna Blaster.
  • Bomberman (Arcade) - A 1991 Arcade game developed by Irem with a unique single player campaign and multiplayer. Alternatively Dynablaster or Atomic Punk. It has a direct 1992 sequel called Bomberman World (not to be confused with the 1998 PlayStation game).
  • Bomberman (DS) - A 2005 Nintendo DS game, sometimes referred to as Bomberman DS in previews.
  • Bomberman Portable - A 2006 PlayStation Portable game, known as Bomberman outside Japan.
  • Bomberman Blast - A 2008 WiiWare title. The Will retail version, released in Japan, is dubbed Bomberman.
  • Bomberman (series) - Overview of the Bomberman franchise.
  • White Bomberman - The main character of the series, aka White Bomber or simply Bomberman.
  • Bomberman (race) - Bomberman as a race.
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