Bombergirl is a cabinet-dedicated arcade game developed and distributed by Konami, who obtained the rights to the Bomberman series after absorbing Hudson Soft in 2012.

It was announced at the JAEPO 2017 amusement machine exposition in Japan in February 2017 and had subsequently undergone location testing. It is only the second Bomberman arcade to be released, with 1997's Neo Bomberman being the first arcade released in the series.

It was only released Japan, though it is possible that the game could see a limited North American release in Round1 arcades which have an official license to operate games that use Konami's e-Amusement service.


Not much concrete information is known about Bombergirl to non-Japanese speakers at the moment, but it is focused on 4 vs. 4 cooperative team battles, where each team has a shared life bar. To comfortably accommodate 8 players at once, battle maps appear to be quite large. The game has an unorthodox control scheme with an unusual joystick, a large touch screen, and a gigantic red button that dramatically pops out of the machine via a motorized mechanism in the late stages of a match. This button is presumably used to activate a special attack. The cabinet also includes a third screen above the main screen used by the player, which allows spectators to have a better look at the action from different angles.

There are indications that elements of Bombergirl's gameplay may take some inspiration from games of the MOBA genre. Like these games, Bombergirl uses a strictly team-based setup, and the different playable characters are described as fitting into predefined team roles like "Bomber," "Blocker," "Attacker," and "Shooter," with special skills and abilities of their own. It seems that functioning soft blocks can be placed by players using the Blocker class, which could be used to strategically control space and wall off opponents. Also, the Attacker and Shooter classes might not use bombs as their primary form of offense.


The characters are all bishoujo-type anime girls with sexually suggestive outfits, and their clothes can be partially destroyed during battles. Each fits into a predefined class that fulfills a different role in the team, similar to as in MOBAs and "hero shooters." Characters can be gradually leveled up to improve their abilities, and different skills can be assigned to them, by saving player data to a Konami e-Amusement Pass card. White Bomber seems to only appear as a cameo, in the form of a plush doll carried by the character Shiro. Shiro's clothing and accessories are also based off White Bomber.


  • Before announcing the new DLCs for Super Bomberman R, Shiori Fujisaki from the game Tokimeki Memorial was previously announced in this game as a new Bombergirl giving clues on the official Twitter page, after her announcement, her was announced the following days her appearance in Super Bomberman R.



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