Not to be confused with Bombawan.

Bomber Woof (ボンバーワン, Bonbāwan in Japanese) is a boss from Super Bomberman 5. He is one of the members of the Fiendish Bombers and is the only animal in the group. He is the boss of Zone 1 and is very quick. He is equipped with Land Mine Bombs during the boss fight.



  • "Bonbāwan" is a play on the name "Bomberman" (lit. Bonbāman); "wan" is a Japanese sound effect for a dog's bark.
  • Bomber Woof is the only animal of the Fiendish Bombers group.
  • His owner is Baron Bombano, and he does not like anyone other than his master.
  • During the boss fight, Bomber Woof is hard-coded to bury four Mine Bombs before using his last one. This happens even if the player knocks the Mine Bomb power-up out of him.
    • If Bomber Woof happens to pick up a dropped Remote Control or Pierce Bomb from the player, his last bomb will be special, but he'll retain the ability to bury four Mine Bombs, regardless.


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