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Bomber Wolf (initially localized as Zach) is a boss in Panic Bomber (VB) and Pocket Bomberman.


Panic Bomber (VB)[]

He is a member of the Midnight Bombers and the first boss, fought in The Scary Ruins. Upon defeating him, Bomberman wins the Star Medal. In game, Zach is a cheerful Were-Bomberman who is described in-game as a funky guy.

Pocket Bomberman[]

In Pocket Bomberman, Bomber Wolf (under his original name) is the Jump Game boss in the Easy Level. He is described as ridiculous and/or odd werewolf. He wanders left and right aimlessly, and will harm Bomberman on collision. Each time he is defeated, the door above him will open. He appears four times in the Easy Level, takes 2 hits to defeat in each round and yields 1500 points for each time he is defeated.


  • Bomber Wolf makes an appearance in the Bomberman Jetters anime as one of the characters that signs up for the B-1 Grand Prix.
  • According to the English Pocket Bomberman manual, he is described as cruel, and he was created by Babylon.[1]
  • In the Japanese version of Panic Bomber (VB), Zach's dialogue is "Iiiyahhou! I'll make this an unforgettable night!", while in the English version, his dialogue is "Tee Hee, I'll be slashing you up.". Additionally, "Iiiyahhou" is a Japanese onomatopoeia for a wolf and/or werewolf's howl.



  1. "If you choose the Easy Level, you will be attacked by the cruel Bomber Wolf. He was invented by the evil Babylon to protect his powerful empire." - Pocket Bomberman Game Boy Color instruction booklet, page 19.
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