Bomber Star (Bonbori Star in Japan) is the moon that orbits around Planet Bomber. It usually has a reddish color and is rarely used for anything more than appearance in the Bomberman series.

Bomberman Hero

In Bomberman Hero, Bomber Star is the setting of three secret levels. Hudson has a history of awarding players with additional content when their special controller for a console was connected, and this was a similar case. If a player used a Joycard 64 controller, a new option called "Bonus" would appear on the main menu.

The Hudson controller is supposed to be used with the turbo function on the start button to access the levels. However, the controller is not required since the player can simply mash the button as fast as possible and unlock the content the same way. In a nutshell, if the player presses the Start button as fast as possible after turning on the game, it should be able to unlock the secret levels.

Some players find this difficult while others can do it with ease. The option is lost when the game is reset and there are no other requirements to reach the secret levels.



  • So far, Bomber Star has only been named in Bomberman Hero. The English translation also mistakenly uses Bomber Star to refer to Planet Bomber at one point, when Pibot states where he'll keep Princess Millian safe while Bomberman goes to Garaden Star.
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