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Bomber Slider

The Bomber Slider (ボンバースライダー, Bonbā Suraidā) is a type of Power Gear in Bomberman Hero.


The Bomber Slider is a Power Gear and the fourth and final one that White Bomberman uses in the game. The Bomber Slider is equipped onto White Bomberman's feet and it allows him to slip down certain areas.


To use the Bomber Slider, the player must hold forward on the Control Stick to move forward fast and press the A button to do a jumping spinning attack that can also damage enemies. Because of the fast and nearly uncontrollable nature of the Bomber Slider, it can be considered the toughest Power Gear to use in the game. The Bomber Slider is also the rarest Power Gear to use at it is only used in two levels (+Slider Race).

Levels Used[]

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