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Not to be confused with Robo Bomber (Bomberman Portable).

Bomber Robo (ボンバーロボ Bonbā Robo) is the fourth boss in the game Super Bomberman 2. Its passenger is Brain Bomber. It is a giant mecha that has the appearance of White Bomberman.


  • Bomber Robo moves slowly, walking between blocks and seeking the player constantly. Bombs caught in its path will be eliminated, and the player will take damage upon contact.
  • When the player gets close, Bomber Robo will place a large bomb on the field. The bomb has a large explosion that extends beyond surrounding hard blocks. It is possible for both the player and the boss to pass through the bomb.


Often, the boss will be caught in the explosions of its own bombs. Because it seeks the player, it is possible to guide it back into its own bomb, or at least prevent it from wandering far from the bomb's blast radius. Using this tactic, it is not necessary to plant a single bomb in order to defeat this boss.

As the boss continues to take damage, it will darken in color. Players can use this as an indicator of how close they are to defeating the boss.


Bomber Robo's bomb blast radius, as displayed in the Super Bomberman 2 Hudson Soft Guidebook


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