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Bomber Nebula is a recurring location in the Bomberman series. It is where Planet Bomber is located, as well as other planets that are occasionally explored.

Known Planets

These are the known planets of Bomber Nebula, in order of first appearance.

Bomberman '94

Super Bomberman 3

Bomberman GB 3

Bomberman World

Bomberman Hero

Bomberman Tournament

Bomberman Generation

Bomberman Portable


  • Bomberman '93 was the first game to take Bomberman into space, but it did not take place in Bomber Nebula; instead, it took place in the Magellan solar system[1] (マゼラン銀河系[2]). Bomberman Max also involves a computer network and one of the same planets, so the game's setting (the "farthest edge" of the universe) may be intended to be Magellan.
  • While it is unknown if one or more of the planets from The Second Attack! originally resided within Bomber Nebula, the back of the North American version box and the enclosed instruction booklet both mention that Rukifellth is nearing Planet Bomber.[3]
  • According to the Japan-only mobile game 100-hito Taisen Bomberman, "Bomber Galaxy" (ボンバー銀河系) is hundreds of millions of light-years away from Earth. This is likely referring to Bomber Nebula, despite some early titles taking place on Earth rather than Planet Bomber (Super Bomberman 3 in particular uses Earth rather than Planet Bomber, despite being the first named appearance of Bomber Nebula).
  • While Planet Bomber makes an appearance in Super Bomberman R, Bomber Nebula is not referred to by name. Instead, the majority of the game takes place on the five planets of the Starry Sky Solar System (ヤミヤミ星系, Yami Yami Seikei).



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