Bomber Musashi is a samurai Bomberman who first appeared in Bomberman Wars.

Bomberman Wars

Bomber Musashi is a warrior who comes from Jibongu, a land at the edge of the world. His special attack is the Quick Cut (from 居合い斬り, literally "drawing [his] sword and sheathing it immediately after cutting"). This attack can be used on any single bomb that is directly beside him, and it will reduce that bomb's counter to one, so that it will detonate immediately after the player's turn is ended. Bomber Musashi's weakness is his low movement stat.


  • Move - 1
  • Range - 1
  • Special - Quick Cut

Bomberman Jetters

As seen in Bomberman Jetters

Bomber Musashi appears in the Bomberman Tournament that White Bomber and Oyabon enter. He is seen defeating Dolphin Bomber by sitting down and waiting for her to dry out. He appears again towards the end of the series, helping the Jetters defeat Dr. Mechado.


  • The name "Bomber Musashi" is a reference to the Japanese warrior Miyamoto Musashi.


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