Bomber Mummy (initially localized as Rahtut) is the boss of the Desert of Desolation in the Virtual Boy version of Panic Bomber. Upon defeating it, Bomberman wins the Sun Medal.

In Pocket Bomberman, Bomber Mummy (under its original name) is the Jump Game boss in the Normal Level.


  • Bomber Mummy makes an appearance in the Bomberman Jetters anime as one of the characters that signs up for the B-1 Grand Prix. It also faces Bomber Zero in the second round of the tournament, but is defeated.
  • According to the English Pocket Bomberman manual, it became a follower of Babylon after escaping from its tomb. It's also described as female, despite Panic Bomber calling it male.[1]



  1. "From deep inside a mysterious pyramid, Bomber Mummy found her way back to the living world. Now she follows Babylon, and you can face her if you choose the Normal Level." - Pocket Bomberman Game Boy Color instruction booklet, page 19.
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