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Bomber Jet

The Bomber Jet (ボンバージェット, Bonbā Jetto) is a type of Power Gear in Bomberman Hero.


The Bomber Jet is a Power Gear and the second one White Bomberman uses in the game. The Bomber Jet is equipped to White Bomberman's back and it allows him to fly straightfoward through the air very fast. The Bomber Jet is used in four levels.


To use the Bomber Jet, the player must hold the A button to fly foward faster and press the B button to stop briefly and pressing the Z, R, or D-Down button to fires bombs. Bomberman can also fire up to 4 bombs in 4 directions by holding the Z, R, or C-Down button. Bombs in this gear move straight forward and don't have the aiming property as those of the Bomber Marine. Because the Bomber Jet is always moving, it can be considered one of the toughest Power Gear to use especially since it's stages usually involve taking down a lot of tough enemies. Like the Bomber Marine, the Bomber Jet is fairly common to use in the game.

Levels Used[]