Bomber Chun, known as Bomber Chen in Bomberman Party Edition, is one of the World Bombers. He is a short, elderly Bomberman who comes from China. During battle, Bomber Chun acts rather quickly and corners his opponents, though he is a little clumsy and may sometimes blow himself up. [1][2]

In Bomberman Jetters, he appears as "Silver Bomber", one of the Bombermen to sign up for the B-1 Grand Prix. Silver Bomber had competed in more tournaments than any of the other contestants, and had won the championship before. He was able to easily dodge bombs by sliding to the side. His specialty was the "Silver Bomb", a bomb that soars slowly through the air, wobbling from side to side and making it difficult for the opponent to tell where it would land. White Bomber faced him in the second round of the tournament, and defeated him by using his own tactic against him.


  • Bomber Chun bears resemblance to an earlier character, Grampa Bomber.
  • In Japan, the word "silver" is associated with the elderly.



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