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SB - Bomber Catcher

Bomber Catcher is a minigame in Saturn Bomberman.


It is a catcher minigame available after winning a match in Battle Game. It allows the player to pick up and collect various power-up items, including the Bomura item, that can only be found there (available only in wide screen mode). The minigame can be set on/off in the menu.

How to play[]

In order to move the crane, first hold the B button to move the crane to the right, and the C button to move it up. Arrows next to the crane indicate the direction that can be moved. Once the player find the proper position they wanted to be, the player just need to release the button. The Crane will then move down automatically and pick the item. The crane shadow can be used to help the player and see where the crane would land.


  • Many well known characters and enemies, make appearances as a plush, they are just part of the background, and can't be grabbed.