Bomber Boy (title in Asian territories; released in Europe as Dynablaster and in North America as Atomic Punk) is an action game for Game Boy. It features two gameplay modes, as well as features the first form of multiplayer in the Bomberman series.


As taken from the North American manual, the only one with a written storyline:

"The peaceful world of Atomica has been invaded by radiation thieves known only as Nukies. Seeking ultimate control, these wicked villains have captured everyone who stood in thier way! The people of Atomica are doomed -- for there's no escape from the prison towers of the planet's nuclear factories. Only Atomic Punk and his father, Bomberman have the speed and strength to overcome the Nukies' wrath. Now its up to them to save their captive friends and Atomica!"

"The heroes split up and tackle the raiding army of mutants on their own turf. Atomic Punk travels the lands of Atomica, while Bomberman returns to the cavernous realm of the subterranean world. Each character has the power and resources available to blast the Nukies off Atomica and restore peace to the land."

Game A

Ignoring the North American storyline, the Bomberman character appears to be liberating robotic citizens on the surface worlds with the help of a female human who owns the Panel Shop.

Game B

This is a direct port of the 1985 Bomberman NES game, with maze size adjusted.


Game A

In traditional Bomberman format, the player must defeat all the enemies on screen and then locate the exit. The game begins on a map screen and the player can select which area they want to play first. Each area has different stage effects and enemies and the number of rounds varies as well. There's also a shop where accumulated gold can be spent on items to help the player before each round.

Game B

This is a port of Bomberman, which plays like traditional Bomberman to a T: defeat all the enemies and find the goal, simple as that.


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