Bomb Zone (コロコロバクダン, Tumbling Bomb, in Japan) is the third stage in the Battle Game of Super Bomberman. It appears to take place in Peace Town. The featured trap here is the Falling Bomb - at random times, a bomb will fall from the sky onto a random tile space on the map. Due to the potential for a Falling Bomb to trap the player at any given time, the Boxing Glove becomes a very useful item in this stage.


  • Traps: Falling Bombs
  • Soft Blocks: 60
  • Items: 19 (31%)
    • SB1BombUp SB1BombUp SB1BombUp
    • SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp SB1FireUp
    • SB1SpeedUp SB1SpeedUp SB1SpeedUp
    • SB1Kick SB1Kick SB1Kick
    • SB1PowerGlove SB1PowerGlove SB1PowerGlove
    • SB1Skull SB1Skull


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