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The Bomb Shop (ボム合成屋, Bomb Synthesis Shop, in Japan)[1], or Bomb Workshop, is a type of shop that appears in some Bomberman games. The Bomb Maker inside is able to create new types of bombs by fusing together certain items .

Bomberman Quest[]

In Bomberman Quest, the Bomb Maker can combine Explosive Cores with other bomb elements in order to create new types of bombs, and the firepower of any bomb can be increased if the bomb is combined with a Fire item.[2] The only Bomb Workshop in the game is located in Peace Town. The type of bombs that can be made are listed below.

Bomb Component Bomb Produced
Rubber Rubber Bomb
Clock Long-fused Bomb
Short-fused Bomb
Ice Shard Ice Bomb
Poison Ivy Poison Bomb
Boomerang Right Bomb
Left Bomb
Skull Skull Bomb

Bomberman Tournament[]

In Bomberman Tournament, the Bomb Maker only needs one fusible item in order to create a new type of bomb.[3] Many different towns have a Bomb Shop in this game.

Bomb Component Bomb Produced
Sensor Landmine
Rain Drop Aqua Bomb
Transistor RC Bomb
Balloon Hold Bomb
Hammer Power Bomb


  • In Bomberman Quest, the Japanese name for the Bomb Workshop is simply ごうせい屋, or Synthesis Shop.[4]


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