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Bomb Kami Bomber, also known as Bomjin Bomber, is the first boss of the Master Game in Saturn Bomberman.


Saturn Bomberman[]

He is the first of the 5 Bomber Masters and is fought on the 4th floor of the Tower. He is made entirely out of bombs and has a particular fondness for Rubber Bombs.

Bomb Kami Bomber moves around aimlessly. He shoots 4 Rubber Bombs in each direction, reaching his hand in the air before doing this attack. If a bomb is placed nearby, he'll kick a normal bomb of his own at it, instantly detonating it on collision, with his eyes glowing on fire before doing this attack. When his head fire flares up, he separates his head from his own body, spray 3 Rubber Bombs and bounce only for a short while before floating. His body explodes with max blast radius. Once all bombs (his and the player's) have detonated, he will reform. His body can be bombed, yielding 1000 points, but his head is invincible while airborne.

Bomb Kami Bomber will harm the player on collision. He requires 8 hits to defeat and yields a score of 5000 points.

Bomberman Online (PC)[]

Bomb Kami Bomber returned in Bomberman Online (PC) as one of the five bosses.

Bomberman Jetters[]

Bomjin Bomber also appears in the Bomberman Jetters anime where he and the other Bomber Masters and Momo are the battle judges.