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The Bomb Elements (ボム・エレメント, Bomu Eremento) are story items in Bomberman Generation.


The Bomb Elements are are six magical items that were found in space, they appear as six colored crystals bearing untold, legendary powers; while it is unknown in the game on what they can actually do, it is known that they have the ability to purify a tainted Element and Ein comments that they are still powerful even on their own. They were collected by scientists and carried in to Planet Bomber on a space freighter for further study until the Hige Hige Bandits attacked and raided the ship in an attempt to retrieve them. However, during the confusion, the Bomb Elements were lost and scattered upon entering the gravitational field of planet Tentacalls, landing in different regions.


After the failed raid, Mujoe sends the Hige Hige Bandits to retrieve the lost crystals, intending to take over the world with them. At the same time, Ein sends White Bomberman and Max (who doesn't follow protocol in this game) to prevent Mujoe from taking them. Unfortunately they find out that Mujoe has also hired the Crush Bombers to prevent Bomberman from completing his goal, making his journey harder. Fortunately, Bomberman had the skills to retrieve the Bomb Elements, one by one, going through each area the crystals were said to have landed. The green Bomb Element was guarded by Grounder Pounder in Tentasia, the blue Bomb Element was guarded by Crush Squid in OctoOcean, the yellow Bomb Element was guarded by Mammoth Mummy in TakoDesert, the red Bomb Element guarded by Constructor X, and the purple Bomb Element was guarded by Blazing Hawk. Upon reaching Mujoe's battleship Armor Joe, Bomberman discovers that the last Bomb Element, the gold Star Bomb Element, has become tainted under the Hige Hige Bandits and manifested itself as a crystallized monster. With the help of the remaining Bomb Elements, Bomberman defeats the tainted crystal and purifies it, blasting Mujoe away in the process.


  • The Star Bomb Element spent the longest time in the possession of the Hige Hige Bandits. It is unknown what was done to it, but the evil energy around it turned it into a boss. It was only able to be cured by the presence of the other elements.
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