Boma (ボマ) is an enemy in Bomberman (TG-16), Bomberman II and Bomberman '93.


In Bomberman, Boma moves in a repetitive manner and only changes direction when colliding with a wall. It appears only in Round 3: River. Here, it resembles a fish.

In Bomberman II, Boma moves at a speed of 3 and can choose to change direction. Occasionally after a while it stops and turns into a bomb that explodes at 9x range. Boma is indestructible whenever it is in form a of bomb. It appeared first in Area 4-8 and after, in rest of the levels. Here, it resembles a frog, and is worth 1000 points upon death.

In Bomberman '93, Boma appears in Area C: Planet Inferno. This time, Boma has a speed of 4 and may pass through soft blocks. Here, it resembles a clown.

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