What?! Bomberman?! Here?! Do you want to suffer that robot's fate?

Bolban, Bomberman Hero

Bolban is the third boss (not counting Nitros) in Bomberman Hero. He is fought at Kanatia Star, and is the third of the Big Four (a.k.a. the Four Devils of Garaden). He is a gigantic sphinx-like lion whose breath can turn anyone to stone. He turned Pibot to stone before fighting with Bomberman.

His weak spot was the jewel on his head, and he attacked by shooting cannons at Bomberman, which exploded into a powder that hurts Bomberman. After two hits to the head, he projected a shield around his head, and attacked by breathing at Bomberman to turn him to stone. His weak spot in this phase is his tail. After he is damaged enough, his shield disappears and he has a new attack: Stomping the ground to make pieces of the ceiling fall. After taking enough damage to the head, Bolban was destroyed in an explosion similar to Endol and Baruda.

Like the other Devils of Garaden, Bolban was revived by Bagular, and fought Bomberman in Boss Room 5 of Garaden Star, in an underwater chamber. Bomberman is in his Bomber Marine and shoots bombs/torpedoes at the jewel on Bolban's head. By staying at the bottom of the room and moving left and right (while holding down B), one can easily avoid the cannons he shoots. He also shoots starfish-like creatures to protect himself, though they don't seem to do much. He shoots more as he takes more damage, but was eventually re-killed for good.


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