Blue Resort is the second area in the game Bomberman 64. As the implication of its name gives, it is a resort-like area that is surrounded by an ocean and is filled with various water works.


Switch and Bridges

White Bomberman starts off the second world in this level. Sirius informs White Bomberman that the bridge is up and it needs to be lowered down. White Bomberman has to work his way around the level by knocking over smaller, wooden bridges and lowering the water system until he reaches an enclosed room. White Bomberman must then press the blue switch to lower the large metal bridge close by to complete the level.

Vs. Artemis

As White Bomberman is crossing the bridge, one of the Masked Trio, Artemis, cuts him off and forces him into a one-on-one battle. Artemis is a tricky opponent as she is always moving around and launching fire spears in three directions. White Bomberman can best Artemis by trying to trap her in a corner and hitting her with a pumped bomb. After three hits, Artemis explodes in defeat allowing White Bomberman to access the base.

Pump It Up!

White Bomberman has now reached the base and needs to get inside the sewer itself. However, the pathway that leads up to it is blocked and White Bomberman must find a way to lower the gate and the stairs themselves. White Bomberman must work his way around until he reaches a large wall with Altair's symbol on it. White Bomberman must use pumped bombs several times in order to push down the water to lower the gate and to bring the stairs into alignment. White Bomberman can now access the sewers.

Sewer Savage

Sewer Savage 2
White Bomberman is now in the sewers and must do battle with Leviathan who is the guardian of Blue Restort. White Bomberman is riding on a wooden raft for the duration of the battle. Leviathan is a much more formidable foe than Draco as it possess numerous of attacks in battle such as slamming the raft with it's fin or spitting bubbles out. White Bomberman must throw pumped bombs at Leviathan and detonate them himself to inflict damage on the right spot. White Bomberman must also be careful as Leviathan's angler may deflect bombs back. Leviathan's signature attack involves it using slicing fins to split the raft. After defeating Leviathan, the second chain is destroyed and White Bomberman can move on to Red Mountain.


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