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Blue Bomber (Aobon) is a major character in the Bomberman B-Daman series. He is the brains of the B-Daman team and the grandson of Dr. Gray Bomber, the professor who creates and repairs the B-Daman team's B-Da Armors. His B-Daron is Rui-Rui (ルイルイ) who is male, despite his pink fur. He was voiced by Etsuko Kozakura in the Japanese anime.


Blue Bomber is an expert when it comes to computers and mechanics, often aiding his grandfather in the construction and repairing of the B-Da Armor. He also guides his teammates, tracks enemy movement, and analyzes data using radars, scanners, and technology. Though not as confident or strong-willed as his peers, he is the most intelligent and has the ability to think things through logically, which is something that his friends seem to lack, particularly White Bomber and Yellow Bomber. He has shown to be able to identify weaknesses in the structure of different machinery and exploit them to the group's advantage in battle.

Aside from his intellect, Blue Bomber is also kind-hearted and honest. He speaks formally, using the "-desu" suffix in most of his dialogue in the Japanese dub, as "desu" means "to be". He has a generally timid personality, being easily scared when it comes to ghosts and monsters, and is easier to push around. He wishes to become stronger, and this leads him into trouble on at least one occasion. However, when required, he can think fast on his feet and display surprising acts of courage. In addition, Blue Bomber is shy around girls and has had a crush on Red Bomber since first meeting her, though his shyness to girls fades away as time goes on.

In Bakugaiden III, He is kind of shy, he is one of the chosen heroes, possessing the Planet Emblem (the emblem of Planet Uranus) on his B-Dama. He was a member of the Nereid Rebel Alliance and helped White Bomber and the others in their fight against the Nol Arc Empire. He also created a radar device that would make easier to track the other emblems. His aircraft is the Firma Bomber Fighter.


Blue Bomber's B-Daron is a pink rabbit named Rui-Rui. He is cheerful and energetic and has been with Blue Bomber before the start of the series. He enjoys co-inventing and exploring. Like Blue Bomber, Rui-Rui is intelligent, serving as Dr. Gray Bomber's assistant, and also likes girls. Because of the attention girls give him due to his cute appearance, Blue Bomber at times dresses in a costume mimicking Rui-Rui in the hopes of winning the same approval, but comically fails to do so, much to the disdain of Yellow Bomber in particular.

B-Da Armor[]

Blue Sniper[]

Blue Sniper (7)

Blue Sniper, Blue Bomber's first mecha

Blue Bomber's first B-Da Armor, and the second protagonist to receive one after White Bomber. It is one of three that can only be operated on land. Blue Sniper's specialty is its retractable scope which improves his aim when targeting enemies. The Armor's attack strength and defenses are average. Dr. Gray Bomber uses Blue Sniper as a template for the other Armors. Its main attack is "Sniper Shot". It first appears in Episode 06.

Blue Braver[]

Blue Bomber's second B-Da Armor after its predecessor was destroyed in a train wreck along with the other 1st-generation mechas. He is the third recipient of a 2nd-generation B-Da Armor. Making its first appearance in Episode 23, Blue Braver now has the ability to fly like White Bomber's unit does. The Armor has a long range of fire and has been upgraded in all areas to have better combat ability like the White Blows and Yellow Crasher before it, the latter of which it also has a similar appearance to. It also features an improved navigation and targeting system. Developed from Blue Sniper's previous design, it continues the ability to fire high-accuracy targeted shots, and allows the pilot to detect enemies that are hidden from sight. Once, after Shuringe had tried to corrupt him into being her pawn, Blue Bomber was able to use this particular function in battle to seek out where she was hiding, surprising her; they managed to damage her mecha, forcing her to retreat. Blue Braver's main attack is "Braver Cannon".

Saint Blaster[]

The combined form of White Bomber, Blue Bomber, and Yellow Bomber's second-generation B-Da Armors (the White Blows, Yellow Crasher, and Blue Braver). Blue Braver transforms into the right leg of this new mecha form. The unified hearts of all three pilots are required for the combination to take place, allowing them to gain access to a more powerful B-Da Armor to fight a formidable opponent in the Dark Prince. The Saint Blaster first appears in Episode 43.

Saint Dragon[]

The Saint Dragon is the combined form of the three aforementioned second-generation B-Da Armors, with the addition of Black Bomber's third mecha, the Black Devastator. This final form is the secret invention made by the deceased Professor Bomber, and is used to defeat Dark B-Da's Darkness Dragon. The Saint Dragon and all four pilots ultimately destroy Dark Koutei once and for all and restore peace to B-Da City.

Sonic Blueder[]

Blue Bomber's first Generation V armor. Its special attack is "Gatling Shot".

Crys Blueder[]

Blue Bomber's second Generation V armor. Its special attack is "Homing Shot".

B-Da Calibur[]

The legendary B-Da Armor, a combined version of the 4 hero armors; Siege Whiter, Sonic Brood, Grand Greaver and Knight Blacker.

Anime-related games[]

B-Daman Victory heno Michi[]

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B-Daman Final Mega Tune[]

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  • The aspect of Blue Bomber being a technical expert is also seen in Super Bomberman R, it could be a potential nod to the B-Daman series. The only difference is that Blue in Super Bomberman R is sleepy and lazy, rather than not confident most of the time. However, Blue became much more active and alert in Super Bomberman R 2.