Blazing Hawk is the fifth boss in the game Bomberman Generation. It is the boss of Majestar and is made up from multiple fire enemies. The fire enemies are first shown after the fight with Constructor X and reappear in the stage before this boss; stealing the Bomb Element. They come together to form the phoenix when confronted by Bomberman.

Boss Fight

Blazing Hawk can be damaged by any bomb but is more vulnerable to the Water Bomb. It has an attack where it circles itself in a ring of fire and it can only be erased by using water bombs so it is highly recommended. The Hawk can spin around with its tail and slam it, to knock the player away/stun them. It can breathe fire at the player as well but leaves itself open to attack the majority of the time, making it one of the easier bosses in the game.


  • This is the only boss in Bomberman Generation that is composed of smaller enemies.


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