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Black Bomberman (ブラックボンバーマン), also known as Madbombers in Wario Blast, is a group of villainous Bomberman's, whose responsible for stealing five of Bomberman Special Items in Bomberman GB, and trying to attack and drive Wario out of their world in Wario Blast. The Black Bomberman gang consists of 3 dark colored Bomberman's, one of them have a cyclop-like eye and a mask, and the other one wear a helmet with two stripes on them. They can also merge together to become a big machine known as the Death Bomber (as the final boss of the Power Zone).

Bomberman GB / Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!
Characters BombermanWarioBlack Bomberman
Bosses TeacuppunKomabeFuuwanMad FlowerInabikarinPukupukuGururin KnightDeath Bomber
Rounds/Zones Round 1 (Normal Zone)Round 2 (Warp Zone)Round 3 (Arrow Zone)Round 4 (Fire Zone)Round 5 (Coma Zone)Round 6 (Ice Zone)Round 7 (Burn Zone)Round 8 (Power Zone)
Items Fire UpBomb UpSkullBomb Kick* • Dash* • Tackle* • Line Bomb* • Motobomber*
Note: Items with asterisk next to it is a Special Items.