Fell in love with me again, did ya? I'm such a heartbreaker...

Black Bomber, Super Bomberman R

Black Bomberman (also shortened Black Bomber) is a major character in the Bomberman series. A member of the Bombermen, who are usually inhabitants of Planet Bomber, he has the ability to generate bombs. He was the leader of his own gang of Bombermen, leading Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Bombers. He proclaims himself to be White Bomberman's best friend and most cunning rival.

He is also nicknamed Kuro Bom in Japanese, which has been translated as "Black Bomb" in Bomberman Hero and localized as "Cool Black" in the English releases of the Bomberman Land series. Occasionally, this is further shortened to simply "Kuro" in the Japanese versions.


Black Bomberman first appeared in Bomber Boy, both in the Vs. Mode as the second player and as evil copies in the main game. He had a more significant role in the TurboGrafx-16 Bomberman, in which he was the second robot by Dr. Mitsumori after White Bomberman. However, unlike his predecessor, a programming error made him veer from a righteous path. He kidnapped Dr. Mitsumori's daughter, Lisa, and escaped to the Mechanical Castle, but was defeated by White Bomberman. The two quickly became rivals. In Bomberman II, Black Bomberman framed White Bomberman for a bank robbery, and in Bomberman '93 he shut down a mother computer by stealing power circuits.

In Super Bomberman, the evil Carat Diamond and his cohort, the scientist Dr. Mook, were holding a Robot Tournament with robots specially designed with combat and offensive capabilities. Hoping to steal Bomberman's advanced combat capabilities, Diamond created a fake Bomberman to go to Peace Town and kidnap the real Bomberman. Aware of Diamond's plot, Black Bomberman headed out alone to face the fake Bomberman, but was defeated. Black Bomberman somehow escaped and sought refuge with White Bomberman, warning him of Diamond's evil plan. This was the first time the two heroes had to join forces to overthrow a greater evil. Since them, he became a reluctant friend of White Bomberman, even receiving training from him. He then started acting as the second player in the two-player story modes of the rest of the Super games (excluding 2) and Saturn Bomberman.

In Bomberman Hero, Black Bomberman assists White Bomberman in a few levels such as using his space pod to destory walls. Black Bomberman is also seen at the end after White Bomberman defeats Evil Bomber where he lets everyone know that everything is fine.


He is usually portrayed with a gung-ho personality, rather serious in battle (although he likes to make fun of his opponents). He is a little more forceful, mildly frustrated at living in White's shadow, because he is unable to catch up with White Bomber's level of skill. He has a cool and collected personality in the later games, such as in Super Bomberman R where he's more of a narcissist (although he loses his cool around women). The instruction manual for Bomberman Land Wii states that he is surprisingly good at foreign languages.

Boss Battles

Black Bomberman has appeared as a major boss in earlier games.

Bomberman (TG-16)

Black will enter with his gang of Bombermen: Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. They will walk around the room randomly and after several seconds, all the Bombermen except Black will transform into flames and shoot fireballs at the player. During this form, they are invincible and will detonate any bombs that they touch. After a few seconds, they will transform back into Bombermen and become vulnerable again. Black has a shield and cannot be damaged until his minions are destroyed.

After all four are defeated, Black will begin laying bombs and occasionally stopping to release green fire around himself. While he is walking around, his shield will occasionally wear off and make him vulnerable for a few seconds. He will sometimes teleport around the room as well.

Bomberman '93

Black's gang will enter the room in race cars and drive about the room randomly. They lay landmine bombs which can make it difficult to dodge all of them and the bombs at the same time. After they are defeated, Black will appear in a large robot and the room will close in to a 9x11 grid. Black Bomberman will move around the room, firing the robot's fists and releasing fire from its open slots.

After this form is defeated, the robot's body explodes and Black will be left inside of the head of the machine, hovering above the ground. He will move around the room and lay chains of bombs, occasionally lowering his vehicle within blasting range. This is the only time he can be damaged.

Star Parodier

Black Bomber appears as the boss of Level 6 in this vertically scrolling shooter developed by Kaneko. He walks around a typical Bomberman grid arena and drops bombs in different patterns. The player must shoot Black Bomber while navigating the arena and dodging the explosions with a completely different type of movement. After the end of the stage, Black Bomber is shown crying over his loss, with White Bomber comforting him.


In Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden and Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory, Black Bomber appears as one of the protagonists.


In the Bomberman Land series and related games, Black Bomber makes an appearance. His personality and design did not deviate much from the main series, with some games giving him a red scarf as in Bomberman Generation. While his name is unchanged in Japanese versions, English localizations refer to him as Cool Black.


  • Initially, in "versus" games, alternate colors was just a measure of making the players different.
  • Black Bomberman starts each round in the bottom right corner in most stages.
  • He was first voiced by Naoki Tatsuta in Panic Bomber (Neo Geo), sharing the same voice as Buroru.


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